Hi, I'm Lucy!
I aka 32 year old festival fairy, road tripper, electrician, yoga teacher, moment capturer, music lover, sun worshiper.  

Born in Brighton, raised in London/Surrey, found in festivals.

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I can honestly say I leave a little part of me at every festival I go to. 

The fields are where I feel the most free & where I find people I love to connect with. 

Festivals are my home and yoga is my self care but things haven't always been this balanced. 

Pitch up here and let me tell you about a time I was lost.

Lost in my overthinking mind, disconnected from my body, my true nature, self medicating, using raving as therapy &consuming materialistic shit I didn't need to fill the void inside... 

Using partying as therapy only to wake up every weekend riddled with hangover anxiety from the blackouts. I just knew there had to be more to life than just this! 

So I started practicing yoga!

Finally I found something that actually worked! That made me feel alive, I couldn’t believe how amazing I was feeling after every practice. That euphoric feeling without the comedown!

Yoga changed my whole connection, frequency & vibration, Transforming my mindset that gave me that balance I was craving and connected me back to ME!! To the me I had been compressing to fit in. 

Looking into my disco ball, I just knew I had to share what I learnt! 

As I knew there are so many of us feeling this way!

So to help me get this out to the world in 2019 I traveled to the motherland of India, straight to the source of yoga, to complete my 2oohr yoga teacher training.

There I learnt breathing techniques to manage my anxieties and fell in love with yoga philosophy and its moral values, which brought guidance and soon became embedded in my psyche. 

P.s add Arambol to your hippy place bucket list right now!

So now I'm passing on my self care to you kindred spirits to help build a new narrative for life on the mat. A place where we get to take a good look at ourselves, our habits, and our state of mind.

So join me on this crazy trip we call life, exactly the way that you are! 

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