Helping festivals create transformational weekends that bring sustainable change into the lives of their attendees.

I offer a unique blend of services designed to nurture both your party spirit and inner peace amidst the bustle of music festivals.
A mix of grounding, heart space opening, breathwork, indian philosophy and sacred geometric body movements all to transormational moving music.

A practice born as a direct response to festival life - an answer to
the call of burnt-out brains, festivalling with ADHD.

Promoting a transformative approach to the conventional festival experience, inviting festival-goers to enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

This sends a powerful message to revellers, suggesting there's a more balanced way to enjoy UK Festivals.

Crew & Public Campsite Yoga Seshuns
Together we rise -
ready for another full on but magical day in the fields, zero brain functionality needed.
Festival Arena Yoga Workshops   

Festival Pilgramage ~ Revive & embed the magic of festival culture into our healing journeys.

Unfunking Minds ~ Bringing minds up in space back down to earth with ancient grounding practices to feel rooted.  

Uplifting Forest Fairy Flow ~ feeling caged? spread your wings & fly again, clear your energy field in a world of chaos.

Content Creation capturing magical moments to tell the story of your festival, engaging festival content, self-care tips for festival goers - see socials.

Onsite Water Supplies please enquire.

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