How To Pace Yourself Festivals

I won't lie, dedicating half your year/ life to festivals is defo not the way to grow old gracefully, festivals make you feel on top of the world but there’s no denying weekend festival age you and leave you looking haggard. 👵🏽

If you too have peaked an age where you just can’t hack it like you used to then keep reading...

>> because you can’t rave without discipline and expect mental sanity, you have to bring balance as your +1 to the party. <<

I’ve done festivals in all kinds of cocktails & concoctions:

completely sober, alcohol free, festivals on natural drugs - marijuana & mushrooms , mixing every party drug into one big rollover. After a few trips around the festival circuit I realized that too much of something ruins everything and learnt the key to pacing yourself at festivals is to do everything in moderation.

This epiphany led me to crack an established, fallproof tried and tested routine to pace myself at festivals to enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

>> I repeat!  All self care doesn’t go out of the window the moment the first cider caresses your lips! <<

There’s a very particular way to pace yourself at festivals, preserving energy is paramount to building a new age festival lifestyle and it starts on wednesday, the night before the festival

Wednesday Eve -

Buying your food & drinks the day before is the first hurdle you can't fail at. Otherwise you’ll rinse your phone battery on sat nav before you even get to the festival, locating supermarkets near the festival that you don’t know your way around and have already been raided by fellow festival goers. Preserve your energy for the trek to the site, it’s a pilgrimage in itself!

Thursday -

A tradition that can NOT be broken is a McDonalds breakfast at services on the way and 2 celebratory ciders after setting up camp ⛺️👌🏻. Get your bearings of the site then rest & GO TO BED. Please don't be that guy who peaks on thursdays excitement before the festivals even open.

Friday -

Is a day vibe so perfect for floating around on mushrooms, drinking lots of water and smoothies. Get into bed at midnight, especially if you're sleeping in a tent, don't forget that sunrise. 🌞 You' ll eat loads, get good sleep on your mushroom trip and won’t wake up with a hangover or comedown.

Saturday -

Don't self loathe in your tent, get up and go to yoga, this is the mid festival refresh you’ll be needing ready for ‘let your hair down' saturday. Allow yourself up to 5 drinks and do your party drugs with one condition! ✨EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!✨

Stay up late for that set you wanna see 👽

Sunday -

Is Sunday Bunday OBVS! and is for eating all the street food insight, disco napping on the grass, watching a live band, sound bath, or just straight campsite chilling after your 1 big night!

Monday -

Drive home safe, stop for a coffee half way, so you don't fall asleep 🚐 ☕️

There you have it! Your new balanced way to enjoy every moment of possibly your favourite on the planet, where you can be in the moment but still be in control.

I hate be one of those a festival planners! but when it comes to sustaining your mental health and self care discipline equals FREEDOM.

You are the creator of your festival experience.

Peace Out ✌️

Lucy xxx