I Fucked Up

Do you know how many times I have heard people say they have wasted their time?

Too many times!!


We can spend our life beating ourselves up for all of the time we think we wasted.

But this is just an illusion!

Because our biggest life lessons come in time and from our biggest mistakes.

So does fucking up actually lead to break through’s?!

We can feel so afraid to make a mistake, overthinking everything to avoid failing, but we only learn from our mistakes!

So why are we so terrified to make them?!


>>>>>.  No time or relationship was ever wasted if it taught you something!  if you learnt something about yourself, if it changed you in some way. <<<<<


In actual fact it was a vital part of your journey that brought you to exactly where you are now. And without that lesson you wouldn’t have learned what you needed to know. 🌍


Maybe it was always going to take that amount of time for that lesson to be learnt, maybe that situation or person came in and out of your life to teach you something about yourself or maybe it brought you to your biggest change. 💫


Whatever the reason there is always a reason, we may not understand at the time why but in the end we realise. 


So instead of overthinking everything like we all do 🤯, let's just take life by the horns and if we fuck up, then we fuck up, but we learn!


Next time you make a big decision don’t be so afraid to fail, remind yourself that if all fails I grow as a person anyway 🌱, so really either way you win. 

Lucy xxx